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Getting Paid For Grades?

Posted by gradefund on December 12, 2008

Posted: Thursday, 16 October 2008 5:03PM

Getting Paid For Grades?

CHICAGO (WBBM)  — Ten students at Manley High School Thursday became the first in the city to receive cash rewards for posting good grades.
Freshman Jasmine Cole said the controversial program is a “great incentive.”

“It feels good to know that you’re getting money to get good grades,” she said.  “I’m going to buy my momma something my daddy something and the rest, I’m going to buy me an outfit.”

Manley placed highest among the schools participating in the program for the system’s first marking period.  In all, the system is distributing $260,000 for good grades earned during the first of its eight marking periods.

Nearly 150 Manley students attended the ceremony, and heard words of encouragement from the creator of the “Paper Project” program, Roland Fryer, who transformed himself from dropout drug dealer to Harvard educator.

He urged the students to “take more money from me.”

Freshmen and sophomores at all Chicago public high schools are eligible for the program, which pays $50 for each “A” grade, $35 for each “B” and $20 for each “C.”  Half is paid every five weeks; the rest is put into a college fund that will be given to them at graduation.

Schools CEO Arne Duncan said there should be an incentive beyond the cash they can earn, which could amount to $4,000 if students get straight A grades their freshmen and sophomore years.

He said the younger brothers, sisters and friends of high school freshmen and sophomores are watching them as examples to follow.

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